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Need, path, labyrinth, inner dialogue, past tense, present and permanent with matter and its element. A timeless, another time, awareness of through contemplative world of fact, the pure instinct of approaching all, try a inabarcable knowledge, knowledge without answers, a question endlessly in eternal motion.

My feeling, my work.

Esteban Molina (REMO) was born in  1974 in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s a self-taught artist and has been working as one, for more than two decades.
Remo was a member of a variety of different art collectives, while also exposing in solo exhibitions and graphic publications at both national and international levels. He has also collaborated in films as well as theatrical plays in his country. He currently lives in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, where he devotes all his time to artistic research. It is a fragmentation of time, the Dasein (Being-There) in an everlasting labyrinth; it is continual image of inexhaustible beings that pullulate in the darkened roads of the mind, the man-child artist discovers the element, matter in movement, divine light that spills shadows, giving life to shapes destined to be born. Demiurge, internal dialogue, past, in the workmanship that aspires to the absolute, the flowers of evil infects the fertile soil of creativity. Black heralds carry the message, the tremulous hand, spiritual, stains the parchment of the unconscious. The anthropophagy doesn’t cease, the panoptic eye watches, theanthropophagy doesn’t cease, the voracious gluttons fattenthey swoll, the anthropophagy doesn’t cease. He blazes in innards that rattle in sinister song, in nights of chronic insomnia, in timeless hours, paints the painter a world out of his hands, a world without excuses, adrift.De las Mercedes draws inspiration from his New York backdrop and references past experiences, the effects of childhood trauma and family relationships in life and books, to create psychologically-charged imagery.In 2006, de las Mercedes achieved international acclaim with his conceptual art project “The Priority Boxes.” An ongoing public project conceived as a way to bring contemporary art to a broader audience, the boxes encourage people to participate in conversations about peace and challenge them to question their ability to influence change as well as the fragility, value and priority given to those concepts. In recent years, the boxes have been adapted as teaching tool for educator, community centers and art therapy counselors across the US.In the summer of 2012 an image of a “Peace Box” was exhibited on the iconic LED screens of Times Square. Over 16,000 Peace Boxes have been sent to over 70 countries across the globe.

In 2014, the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly passed a joint legislative resolution honoring Franck and the Peace Boxes Project.  He was also recognized as an “Outstanding Latino” by the Union City Music Project for being a role model for students and a leader within the community.Named one of Complex magazine’s “15 Artists About to Dominate 2015,” Franck has participated in numerous national and international exhibits around the world including The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt New York, The NY Museum of Modern Art’s “Abstract Currents,” Sing for Hope Piano 2015, BKLYN Designs, Naples Museum of Art, Folklore Museum of Tripotamos Greece, The National College of Ireland, Ireland and The French Institute Alliance Française. In 2012, his portrait of Francisco de Quevedo was acquired by Fundación Francisco de Quevedo for their permanent collection in Ciudad Real, Spain. Franck has been featured on numerous national and international television shows and prestigious publications, including CNN, Good Day New York, LatiNation, Univision’s “Aqui y Ahora,” Selecciones (Reader’s Digest), Art Business News, Hispanic Magazine, Museum VIEWS, American Style, The Daily Beast, Town & Country and was Blick Art Materials’ Spring Catalogue 2013 Featured Artist. On February 18, 2014 FdlM lost over a decade of his body of work in a five alarm fire that destroyed his home and studio in Weehawken, NJ, but like the Phoenix, he has risen from the ashes and has held fast to his art and continues to soar.

The artist relocated to Washington Heights, the upper Manhattan neighborhood where he grew up.


Cultural Space Dionisia. Revalaciones. La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cultural Space El Barado. Follow the White Rabbit –  Drawing and Literary Encounter.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Falkland Islands Cultural Center.  La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

El Bardo Cultural Space. Experiment Project Zero. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


L’Atelier, Art Space. Pajaritos.  Paris, France.

Pajaritos, Market fruits. Toulouse, France.

Gallery Perotti. Error. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



International Art Fair.  Damned Exhibition.  Detroit, USA.



Pasaje de la Reforma, National University of La Plata. Remo Art Fantastico. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


First Biennial University of Art and Culture, Falkland Islands Cultural Center.

Experiment Project Zero.  La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

FLA cultural center. The Passage One.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Masters of Contemporary Fine Art.  Art Galaxie.  London, England.


LoBURN Magazine.  U.S.A.


CATAPULT Magazine. U.S.A.


Graphite Series

Birds series

Watery Series

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