About Ysabel LeMay

Ashley  is an emerging artist, working primarily in acrylics. She often employs bold colors and text, numbers, and pop culture iconography in an abstract and graffiti inspired manner.

Ashley Cunningham grew up in Georgia and attended Savannah College of Art and Design for Photography. Although she’s always had a passion for drawing and painting, itwas during her time in Savannah that she further developed her style. Most of her paintings are acrylic and mixed media (resin, ink, graphite, pastel, oil and found objects) on canvas. She is continually experimenting with new ways to visually represent popular culture and the way it affects communication and the need for immediate gratification both personally and in the world at large. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


DeSoto Hilton, Savannah GA

Renaissance Concourse, Atlanta GA

Savannah College of Art and Design Permanent Collection, Savannah GA

Notable Mentions

Elite Traveler, June ‘17

Architectural Digest, January ‘17

Canvas, Saatchi Art, April ‘17

Solo Exhibitions:


Solo Exhibit. Farley’s, San Francisco, CA.

Group Exhibitions:


The Other Art Fair. Brooklyn, NY.

ShopScad and SCAD Art Sales. Savannah, Ga.


Brooklyn Design Expo. Brooklyn, NY.


Greenpoint Galleries, Brooklyn NY.




special projects

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