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Conceptual Artist

About Stefano Ogliari Badessi

Stefano Ogliari Badessi is a nomadic installation artist. He has adapted his creations to be mobile and easily transportable, giving him the freedom to pack up and take his art to any remote corner of the globe. Each of his installations is first imagined as a fantasy to touch some alternate sphere of reality and then realized using unique sensory combinations and performance collaborations.

A large part of what makes Stefano’s art unique is his ongoing study of materials. One of his biggest, and most gratifying, challenges is finding the most mundane material and transforming it into something sensational. Most recently, he has used plastic bags and wrap to construct immense inflatable installations. Stefano’s installations become the sum of sensations experienced inside the created space: sensual, ethereal, incorpo- real, universal and illuminating.

Beauty is the gateway to unexplored territories- the sub-conscious dreamlike part of all of us where we feel most free and alive and where self-discovery is most possible. In 2014 he completed a residence in China, having been selected by François-Henri Pinault as a guest artist at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai. The project was presented at the 56° Biennale Of Venice. Most recently, Stefano presented “InnerSpace,” his installation at a satellite exhibition for the 2016 Art Basel Miami.


Dam Art ’16-The Savoy Hotel. Miami, Florida


Facce di terra. Group exhibition. Castello di San Pietro (ITALY)- Laboratory. Residence. Spokane ( USA ) 2016

Lipsticks. Performance. Hong Kong (HK) 2015

VIII Biennale di Soncino, a Marco. Group exhibition. Soncino (ITALY)


56° Biennale di VENEZIA, special event for press. Venezia (ITALY)

INchiostro, for EXPO-MILANO by Zoe. Trieste (ITALY) 2015

#NothingIsForever. Extreme project. Verbier (SWITZERLAND) 2015


Faces&Trace by SWATCH. Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai (CHINA) Pop-up secret. Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai (CHINA)

Tamashima’s art. Between Japan and Italy. Okayama (JAPAN)

Stendhal’s syndrome. Solo exhibition. Hong Kong (HK)

Small is beautiful, Solo exhibition, Leo Gallery, Shanghai (CHINA)


NONSENSE, solo exhibition, Basement 6, Shanghai (CHINA)

Jamais Vu, Morfologie di un principio, Palazzo Orsoline, Fidenza (ITALY)

Grand Opening, Little Victories Gallery, M50, Shanghai (CHINA)

The beatitudes, Treviglio (ITALY)


7 words for the Cremona Cathedral, Cremona (ITALY)

Artist take care woman, Crema (ITALY)

Vogue Fashion Night, Milan (ITALY)


The Soncino Biennale, Soncino (ITALY)

Q3-Selected artist, Crema (ITALY)


Finalist of TARGETTI Light price, Firenze (ITALY)

Artisti&Associati, Milan (ITALY)


1° Stone sculpture symposium, Casalasco (ITALY)


Stone sculpture symposium for LIONS, Lodi (ITALY)

International stone symposium,Castiglione MesserMarino (ITALY)


Morphè – 3°Sculpture symposium, Crema (ITALY)

Art-Shot, Museum S’Agostino, Crema  (ITALY)

Award Sculpture, Montefiore Conca, Rimini(ITALY)

European Week of culture, Noordwjik (HOLLAND)


1°sculpture symposium,Cremona (ITALY)

Stone sculpture symposium, Rapino (ITALY)

Personal exhibition in Bonaldi’s Palace, Crema (ITALY)


Morphè – 2°Sculpture symposium, Crema (ITALY)

2°Stone sculpture symposium, Rapino (ITALY)

Twenty-five hours Art, Crema (ITALY)


1°Stone symposium, Montecatini Val di Cecina (ITALY)

1°Stone sculpture symposium, Rapino (ITALY)

1°Stone sculpture symposium, Ponsacco (ITALY)


Morphè – 1°Sculpture symposium, Crema (ITALY)

Site Specific Installation

Inner Space Miami Art Basel

Red Emotional Space 56 Venice Biennale

Mexican Dream

KALEIDO `` See beautiful `` Milan, The Swatch Group

Stendhal's syndrome Hong Kong

Into The Dragons Breath Hong Kong


56 BIENNALE DI SONCINO, a Marco, Installation


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Stendhal's Syndrome

Installation / Hong Kong / 2014

Rapture of being Alive



Stendhal's Syndrome

Installation / Hong Kong / 2014

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