About Silvia Trappa

All my works are inspired by daily life, in a fast world I work on the concept of time using as main media sculpture and drawing. I would like to create a language that everyone from everywhere can understand, something that will appear easy and light at the first sight but that hides a critical view and a deep meaning. I’m interested to expand my knowledge finding new inspirations, discover and learn about old and new history of different countries, taking things that affect me and reusing it in a new and contemporary way. The main focus is to make people think about topical facts through something that they already know, because it’s a part of our history. In the last few years I focused my research on materials, looking for kinds of sustainable materials, as a result I started to work with paper, which became one of the main materials of my sculptures. I’m interested in social art and I got experiences as a volunteer.This approach made me stronger and now I plan workshops about creativity and recycling for children and people with different kind of disabilities.

Silvia Trappa (1986) is an Italian artist that works and lives between Brescia e Milano. After the degree in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara she was selected for an exchange program in Japan and she has continue her studies at the Tokyo Zokei University. She works with sculpture and drawing using the theme of childhood as a metaphor of life or finding inspiration in the history of different culture to talks about topical facts. The lightness of her works often hides a critical view and a deep meaning. She has been artist in residence in Italy and in Japan and her works have been exhibited in Italy,Portugal and Japan. She plans workshops about creativity and recyclingfor children and people with disabilities.


2017 CURRY with Samuel Mello curated by Elena Saccardi, Cubo Gallery, Parma

2017 6MATERIA Tête à Tête, Museo Civico di Crema e del Cremasco Crema

2016 1 2 3, AIRY Gallery, Kofu Yamanashi Japan

2015 Con il naso all’insù, curated by Cristina Gilda Artese, Silmar Dark Room Gallery, Carpi

2014 Time Lapse, Alma Voadora, Porto Portugal

2014 Daily Dreams, Atelier Mura Gallery, Tokyo Japan

2009 Solo Show, Chiostro San Francesco, Arcevia


2018 Set UP Art Fair by CUBO Gallery, Bologna

2018 Affordable Art Fair by GALP Gallery, Milano

2017 Into the wood curated by Art Service, Ex Filanda Jacini Casalbuttano Cremona

2017 IX Biennale di Soncino, curated by Q3 and D. Martinelli, Rocca Sforzesca Soncino

2017 Affordable Art Fair by GALP Gallery, Milano

2016 Tra Le Nuvole Illustration Festival Brescia

2015 VIII Biennale di Soncino, curated by Q3 and D. Martinelli, Rocca Sforzesca Soncino

2014 Arte da Tamashima Yumikoubou Gallery, Tamashima Okayama Japan

2013 ZooArt, Cuneo

2013 Futatsu! Pimp Studio, Tokyo Japan

2012 Cortilissima, Arena San Filippo, Torino

2012 Q3 4 curated by Q3, Sala Augello, Crema

2012 777 Aspettos, Yumikoubou Gallery, Tamashima Okayama Japan

2012 XI Biennale di Arti Grafiche curated by Q3, Palazzo Brunenghi, Castelleone

2011 7 Stanze in Cerca d’Autore, Museo Polironiano, San Benedetto Po Mantova

2011 Padiglione Italia Regione Lombardia 54. Biennale di Venezia, Palazzo Te, Mantova

2010 Zokei10 , Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo Japan

2010 ParadiZoo, Atelier Mura Gallery, Sapporo Japan Awards

2014 Premio Pio Alferano, Castellabate

2008 First prize XV Premio Internazionale di Scultura Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia Residencies

2017 BoCS Art, Cosenza Italy

2017 Via Murat Art Container, Palagiano Taranto Italy

2016 AIRY Art in residence Yamanashi, Kofu Japan

2014 Ichiuroko Art in residence, Tamashima Okayama Japan

2013 Ichiuroko Art in residence, Tamashima Okayama Japan Workshop

2018 Per fare un albero project, Elementary School of Comezzano, Brescia

2017 Kids Lab, Biblioteca di Orzinuovi, Brescia

2017 Don Chisciotte project, RSD Fondazione Soncino, Cremona

2017 Art Trap 6 Materia lab, Museo Civico di Crema

2017 Art Trap I love mom, Spazio Mini, Crema

2017 STRANI animali, Spazio Mini, Crema

2017 My little monster + FACCIAmolo, Kinder Garten San Gervasio, Brescia

2016 Cartoni Animali, Elementary School of Cigole Brescia

2016 My head is an animal project, RSD Fondazione, Soncino Cremona

2016 Local to the world AiRY workshop, Kofu Japan

2016 Kids Lab, Pinacoteca di Orzinuovi, Brescia

2015 FACCIAmolo, Elementary School of Cigole Brescia

2014 Botanique Birds, Elementary School of Cigole Brescia Publications Or Not 10 Monographic Magazine curated by Arsprima, Milano

Smal Zine n.9 Magazine, Small Talks interview by Loredana Barillaro VIII Biennale di Soncino by Q3, Skira Lo Stato dell’Arte by Vittorio Sgarbi, Padiglione Italia 54. Biennale di Venezia, Skir


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