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Artist Statement:
Artist Bio:
Pia MYrvoLD is a Paris based artist and futurist specialized in interactive art interfaces that involve the public on a deeper level in the thinking and creative process. Through technology and multi media from 3D animation, painting, video, fashion and design, MYrvoLD builds new relationship between the art, the dissemination of ideas and the public. Her art exhibitions and installations spearhead new roles for the
future of the museum and an intrinsic role for art in building future societies.
Through her 3D worlds and VR installations, MYrvoLD shows us that art and language are virtual concepts rooted in historic procreation, cultural structure and fluid identities. The fractal instinct to build presents itself in this epoch of technologies and global connectedness with new media through perception, imagination, and participation with individual and collective creativity.
The installation ART AVATAR, Centre Pompidou, in November 2014 suggested a fractal bridge from the past to the future, with a virtual reality space mirroring with exact detail real space in real time, allowing the public to make their personal animated sculpture visible in the virtual space. By tracking devices, infrared motion sensors, the public’s role changes from spectator to co-creator without compromising the artistic content in the exhibition.
Her 2015 project, WANDS- first generation smart sculptures and the ongoing Syn-Energy sculpture project aims to integrate the process of artistic production with industry, urban culture planning, energy harvesting and to be an inspirational model for government and urban developers.
Selected Solo Show
Pia MYrvoLD – Hybrid Love, BAD Gallery San Francisco, USA
Pia MYrvoLD, Immersive Hybrids, Galleri Nord Norge, Harstad Norway,
Pia MYrvoLD- WANDs, first generation smart sculptures, ANX, Oslo
Pia MYrvoLD- WANDs, first generation smart sculptures, MYworLD
Studio,Paris, France
Galleri IUC, Coloss- Island- Shields, Bryne
Galleri BiZ, Coloss- Island, Kristiansand
Galleri Svae, Travel of the Eye- grafikk, maleri, video, Gjøvik
GallerI Amare, Travel of the Eye- grafikk, maleri, video, Stavanger
Pia MYrvoLD-Art Avatar, Centre Pompidou, Paris Studio 13/16, Curator Boris Tissot
The Metamorphoses of the Virtual III Google Culture Institute, Paris
Curated by Lucia Pesapane and Camille Morineau
Movements—Now and Then, Galleri S.E, Bergen, Norway
WORKS IN MOTION, The Stenersen Museum- Oslo, Norway Curated by Selene Wendt WORKS IN MOTION, LACDA, Los Angeles, USA Curated by Rex Bruce
FLOW—a work in Motion, Zattere 417, Venice, Italy
FLOW—a work in Motion, The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway
In-formation, Stavanger Kunst Museum, Norway Curated by Inger Renberg
Interfaces, Norsk Form, Oslo, Norway
ONS-artist, Galleri Sult, Stavanger Norway
The Bridge, Fellisimo Design House, New York, USA
Bergen Identity, Bergen Art Museum; European Capital of Culture, 2000 Curated by Jorunn Haakestad, Norway
“Urban Upwind, ephemeral architecture”, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France.
Curated by architect Bernard Tschumi
Slow Emotion, Oslo Kunstforening, Norway
Stavanger Kunsthall, Norway
Art Transplant, Bergen Kunsthall
Perceptions, Haugesund Billedgalleri, Norway
Selected Group Shows
Art for Tomorrow, New York Times Conference, DOHA
DAM ART’16 @ The Savoy. Miami Beach, Basel Week
Un-painted Media Art Fair, Munchen
Variations Media Art Fair, curated by Dominique Moulon, Paris, France
Cut Log, Art Fair, curated by Bruno
Scope, Miami Art Basel, WAND sculpture
In the Summer we love Video, curated by Leng Lin,
PACE Beijing, China
The Metamorphoses of the Virtual, curated by David Rosenberg,
K11 Art Foundation, Shanghai, China
Unpainted.net, New Media Art fair, Munich
Curated by Li Zhenhua
Variations Media Art Fair, curated by Dominique Moulon, Paris, France
The Metamorphoses of the Virtual—Venice Biennale Independent Google
Culture Institute, Opening Media Lab, Paris, France
SHOW OFF, curated by Dominique Moulon,
Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
FLOW-Video Painting, Fasade project Manor, Basel, Switzerland
Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg Art Museum, Copenhagen
Curated by Karim Rashid, Denmark
The Fashion of Architecture, The Center of Architecture, New York,
Curated by Bradley Quinn, USA
Écoute, Female Interfaces, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Curated by Boris Tissot, France
The Fashion of Architecture, Deluxe Gallery, London
Curated by Bradley Quinn, UK
Scandinavia Beyond The Myth, The National Museum, Oslo, Norway
Scandinavia Beyond The Myth, Berlin, Milano, Praha, Glascow,
Curated by Widar Halen, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, UK
100% Norway, Deluxe Gallery, London, UK
Through the Eye of the Needle, Henie Onstad Contemporary Art Center, Oslo, Norway
Contemporary Design, Sotheby, London, UK
Enter This Way, Sala 1, Rome, Italy
Official Norwegian State exhibition,Oslo, Norway
Multiple Reality, Sola International Art Festival, Norway
Nordic Textile Triennale, Gallery F15, Moss, Norway
Official Norwegian state exhibitions, Oslo, Norway
Official exhibition of Westcoast Norway
Selected Publications
  • PIA MYRVOLD – Interfaces Essayes by Pia MYrvoLD, Bradley Quinn, Lars Elton and Gael Charbau. Innoventi Publishing, Norway 2007
  • Pia Myrvold – art works Editions and originals Curated by Bradley Essayes by Kenneth G. Hay, Saverio Simi de Burgis, Peter Frank, Natalie Marcoux, Craig Stephens, Shana Nys Dambrot, Caroline Langlill, Geoff Ainsworth and Rex Bruce. Published by MYworLD Studios, Paris 2011
  • FLOW – a work in motion Essayes by Anne Aasheim, Rex Bruce, Paco Barragán, Boris Tissot Published by Marsilio Editori, Venice- Italy, 2011
  • Pia MYrvoLD – WORKS IN MOTION -New Parameters in Painting and Sculpture. The Stenersen Museum, Oslo Essayes by Christine Buci-Glucksman, Peter Frank Published by MYworLD Studios, Paris 2012
  • The Metamorphoses of the Virtual–100 Years of Art and Freedom
  • Pia MYrvoLD, Miguel Chevalier, ORLAN, Piksel Remote HackLab
  • Essayes by David Rosenberg, Christine Buci-Glucksman and Roberta Semeraro. Published by MYworLD Studios, Paris 2013 with the support of Fritt Ord.
  • Pia MYrvoLD – Immersion
  • Essayes by Rex Bruce, Christine Buci-Glucksman and Peter Frank. English with chinese translations. Published by MYworLD Studios, Paris 2014.
  • Pia MYrvoLD–ART AVATAR Centre Pompidou, 2014Essayes by Christine Buci-Glucksman,
  • Rex Bruce, Pia MYrvoLD, Boris Tissot. English with French translations. Published by MYworLD Studios, Paris 2014.
Significant Collections
Statoil Kunst Samling
Bergen Kunst Museum
Nasjonal Museet
Stavanger Kunst Museum
Haugesund Billedgalleri
Drammen Kunstmuseum
Norsk Kulturråd
Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseet
Rogaland Fylket
Trøndelag Fylket
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Date: June 8, 2017

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