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Pablo Power was born in a log cabin in rural Maryland and spent his formative years in the seamy, creative crucible of the 80’s and 90’s Miami. As a teenager, his earliest work experimented with a myriad of offerings to the street. Beginning with only scissors, Scotch tape, and a photocopier, he waged a disinformation campaign on Miami beach’s telephone and light poles, in which he would cut up and reassemble live music fliers, taking a band’s name from one flier and mixing it up with the venue from another, and the time and date from others. Seeing the confused reactions created by simply taping up these photocopied pieces of paper in the street, Power began to appreciate the impact that art has when given up for public interpretation. He then graduated to more permanent materials, writing and painting on the surfaces throughout Miami’s urban wilderness, even collaborating on a commission for a permanent mural installation in a Miami Dade Transit station while still in high school. Eventually Power settled on what would be an obsession for many years to come: his bombardment of all accessible public space with his visual mantra. This campaign eventually led Power to begin collaborating with the ink heads, a group of kindred artists that was gaining recognition in Miami and New York City at the time.
Power moved to New York to study at Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts, and although began painting in the studio, still continued to create outdoor works inspired by the sprawling, Dinkins-era urban wilderness of his new home. After years of carrying a camera to document the collective’s work as they traveled across America and abroad, his focus literally widened to let the frame capture more than just the painting on a wall, but the whole decrepit building, the adjacent street and train track, and finally the bizarre characters that populated them. Eventually the painting became incidental to the photo, then faded into the background, and finally disappeared
As the colorful group of friends who he always had the good fortune to be surrounded and inspired by, began to take separate paths in their work, Power was pushed to become more conceptual in creating new subject matter for his photos. This led him back to Miami, but only with a camera, to imbed in and photograph a community that gentrification was pushing out of the forgotten areas that he had formerly painted on. Power continues to discover and immerse himself in forgotten communities of America, sometimes completely changing his appearance and living in the street with his subject matter as he records their time together, and always forming personal relationships in
the process. In his most recent work, he layers these photos with drawn and painted elements, andcollects writing from his documentary subjects to combine with his own writing, which are all added to create the illustrated texts and textures that have been part of his work from the beginning.

Fifteen Warren. Curated by Sean Vegezzi, Andew Kass, Abeline Cohen, NYC


AS | AP. Curated by Jill Conner, NYC
Welling Court Mural Project 4. NYC
Con Artist: Slap: Adhesives & Egos. A DIY Sticker Exhibition. NYC


Welling Court Mural Project 3. NYC


DUMBO Arts Festval Mural collaboration with David Ellis. Brooklyn,  NYC
Welling Court Mural Project 2. NYC
Atlantic Avenue Art Walk, Mural collaboration with Chris Mendoza, NYC
Well Hung. Chelsea Chapter.   NYC. Curated by Mint and Serf



Virgin Free Fest: Merriweather Post Pavilion. Columbia, MD.  Mural collaboration with Peter Pan Posse
N’ap Boule. Anonymous Gallery. NYC
Barnstormers. Joshua Liner Gallery.  NYC
Affordable Art Fair, Featured artist installation, NYC
Willoughby Windows. NYC, Installation with Chris Mendoza
Welling Court Mural Project. NYC
Art For Tibet 2. Union Gallery. NYC
Atlantic Avenue Art Walk, Mural collaboration with Chris Mendoza, NYC
800lb Artists. Splash light Studios.  NYC
Re:form School. NYC


Blueprint For F.A.M.E.  Curated by Julie MachadoStandard Downtown,  LA, CA
The Drop +2012. NYSAT Public Art Installations, NYC.
Atlantic Avenue Art Walk, Mural Installation, NYC
Ace Hotel New York, Permanent Room Installations, NYC
The Playground.The Puffin Room Gallery.  NYC


Puzzlement Gallery Inaugural Show for Art Basel Miami Marlin Hotel
Hustle Collective. Miami Beach, FL
Loaded Deck. Alt Space Gallery.  Miami, FL
Naturally Delicious. Deitch Studios LIC.
Mural collaboration with avail, Queens, NY


What Moves You Miami?  With The Inkheads, Vulcan, Maya Hayuk, Friends With You, Jamil GS, and Momo.

 Miami Beach, FL,


Atlantic Avenue Art Walk, Mural Installation with Barnstormers, NYC


Cuchifritos Gallery “Bazzar” Curated by Jose Parla, NYC
Working People. Public Art Installation, Binghamton, NY, With Inkheads
and Barnstormers


Chance By Choice. Annex Gallery. Art Basel Miami
Extensions Of The Spectacle, with Inkheads, Barnstormers, and HVW8.  Albion Hotel.  Miami Beach, FL,
Signature Series. Creek HotelPermanent room Installation, Miami Beach, FL


Try This Somewhere. DUMBO Arts Festival. Brooklyn,  NYC
Artist and Computer.  NYC, With Jose Parla Youngblood Gallery “Inkheads” Atlanta, GA
Modern Primitive Gallery
Personal Alphabet.  Atlanta, GA
113 Gallery
Sporadic Germination.  NYC


Ink Heads. Modern Primitive Gallery. Atlanta, GA
Andy Dick’s Circus of Freaks, LA, CA








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“Manifold Machinations: Tribute Refined” by Pablo Power, 2015, published by No Romance Galleries
“Beneath the Streets” by Matthew Litwack and JURNE, 2014
“Support, Therapy, and Instability” featuring texts by Cat Marnell and Carlo McCormick,
“The Wynwood Walls and Doors” featuring texts by Jeffery Deitch and Ethel Seno, 2012
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School of Visual Arts, NYC
Parsons School of Design, NYC
Design And Architecture Senior High Miami, FL




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