For the last 25 years, I have been dedicated to Visual Arts and have developed a new kind of artistic production, in which emerges my interest in the social problematic, and the environment.   My vision of national idiosyncrasy, translates into paintings, sculptures,  assemblages, boxes and objects in which it uses in addition to traditional means, materials  and elements of the most diverse kind. I work with recycled objects and in my latest painting I rather use recycled blue jeans as canvas over which I work with several layers of paint and materials. I’m also a screen writer and my Art as well as my writings are immersed with my own philosophy, psychology, humor, irony , concern about our Natural resources as much as the illegible messages, famous quotes, provocative language, and colorful visual impact.  It is that pictorial gesture and the use of writing that has been the focal point resulting in my art work. For many years I have been painting the Socio-political reality of my country, and have been named “THE SOUTHREALISTIC ARTIST’ because I paint and talk about the Reality of the South. Argentina is located at the very end of the south in the map of the Americas, so in Barcelona they have called me “THE ARTIST FROM THE END OF THE WORD”. I live and work half and half between Buenos Aires Argentina and in Miami Beach, Florida USA.

Humberto Poidomani, was born in Lanus, Province of Buenos Aires on August 12, 1942. He studied at the Fine Arts University of Buenos Aires.  Curios opportunities in life turned him into an entrepreneur and business man, taking him away from his real passion, however after some years of feeling himself digressing away from his art he decided to liquidate all his business interests and return to what really makes him breathe and he had been dedicated the last 25 years to the plastic arts. His artistic career was born in Buenos Aires where when his country was immersed in social and economic problems he used art painting as an ideological expression and a way communicate hope, peace and opinions about his concern for the social problems and the destruction of the natural resources.  For 16 years, he held solo and group exhibitions in different galleries in Barcelona. His work has been exhibited in several Museums of Argentina as well as art exhibitions in Brazil, Miami, Los Angeles. He alternates his work and his residence between Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Miami.


Premium Show Curator’s Voice Art Projects November 16 to January 22, 2017. Sculpture – Objects: Horneros. Miami


First Brazilian-Argentine encounter of International Art October 2009. Collective exhibition.

Award Arnet Contest: TO AN OPEN SKY 2009. “Conglomerate of Horneros” Sculpture – Objects.

Posada del Quinte Cordova Argentina. Solo Exhibition Sculpture – Objects “Horneros Serranos”


E.C.A. Contemporary Space of Art Solo Exhibition “Humberto Poidomani at the E.C.A”. Mendoza Argentina

E.C.A. Contemporary Space of Art Solo Exhibition “The Interior Landscape: E.C.A. Mendoza Argentina.

Contemporary Art Museum Metaphors of the Absence. Retrospective 1994 to 2008. Solo. Salta Argentina.


Casa Décor Miami: “Humberto Poidomani Ecological Artist” Sculptures 07-2007 Miami, Florida. USA 

V Fair of Contemporary and Classic Art. Bordon Group. Exhibitions’ Center of Costa Salguero Argentina.

Optimus Gallery. Solo: “Humberto Poidomani Art, Recycling and ecology” Barcelona – Spain


Norton Museum: “Cinderella Shoes” Ensembles – Objects . Hollywood – California USA. 

Art Gallery La Encubadora: “Events from the City Port” Sculpture and Painting. Buenos Aires Argentina.

Classic Art. III Fair of Contemporary and Classic Art. “Paintings and sculptures Gallery Laggard”. Buenos Aires Argentina


The Incubator Art Gallery. Solo. “Space Invaders” Paintings and sculptures. Buenos Aires Argentina.


Gades Gallery: “Graciela’s Dreams by Humberto Poidomani” . Paintings. Barcelona Spain.


La Santa Gallery: Solo. “Women in the Parallel” Paintings. El Borne. Barcelona, Spain.


La Santa Gallery:  Solo “Women of the Streets- Las Tapias” El Borne Barcelona, Spain.


La Santa Gallery: Solo : “Portraits of women” Las Tapias” El Borne Barcelona, Spain





``METAPHORS OF THE ABSENCE`` Contemporary Art Museum retrospective

Humberto Poidomani

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