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About Guang-Yu Zang

To dare creat a great work of art, you need not to be afraid. To create and not simply represent what is created is to reduce to explore specific aspects of art,
without the intent of totalizing. Paint sits in the spirit of a transitional sketch, not only in its ways,
but also in its techniques for art itself.
Tests are done, attempts to find other ways to search, to discover the process that works, without being carried away by the inclination to ease
the self-pleasure of the technical nature, wi
thout forgetting that art is first and foremost.
The pictorial evolution is necessary, and not to paint narrative, mimetic, easy, nor within the complexity and technical sophistication. The large size determines the form, theme and color to make a picture that is suggestive through drawing and painting. The drawing allows art to be less realistic, more direct, yet more symbolic, because the picture is already in itself an abstraction. Is drawn unconsciously, intuitively and the result is good if it comes naturally as breathing, driven by its
lightness. The pictorial drawing done directly on the canvas with a brush, without preamble or preparation, becomes more of a painting. It is no longer a drawing is a stroke, composed of masses, volumes, lights, which transfers the image directly to the canvas, now its purely mental, integrated with pigments, with smudges made with the elbow, a painting so internalized that even it, will not now its presence. The painting is not merely decorative but that which embodies a whole way of thinking, rhetorically and metaphorically, and with a sense of permanence, is a language that relies on its time.

Guang-Yu Zhang is currently based in Shanghai, China. In 2012 He received his BFA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design, London.

Saatchi Art recognised Guang as one of their notable emerging artists and featured him in their ‘One to Watch’ list first. They also selected Guang as one of the” Best of 2014″. Guang was a finalist in the ArtGemini Prize exhibition in 2013 at London’s Rebecca Hossack Gallery, and was selected for the international emerging artists exhibition “Continental Shift” at the Saatchi Gallery in April, 2014. His works are displayed in the digital screens for the exhibition “Source Collage” at the Tate Britain in London in August, 2014.

Oriental inspiration takes on a Western twist. The mythical realm blurs the boundaries of reality. Guang’s work presented the aesthetic impression that produce by fusion of strong contrast elements, like the fusion of eastern and Western culture, integration of classical and modern art. He references a lot of Chinese classical art forms and elements, and expresses through the contemporary techniques and aesthetic way.

Exotic birds gaze across vibrant backgrounds, exploring rich vegetation and soft diffusions of bright hues. Tonal infusions drift across striking backgrounds, adding a dreamy element, almost like a splash of watercolors. Intricate patterns pay attention to even the smallest of details, creating a contemporary collage of contrasting feathers and mystical creatures. Eastern landscapes evolve with poignant motifs and bold brushstrokes, unleashing the imagination to explore a new and untouched world. An innovative mix of traditional elements of culture and travel, creating a fresh balance of texture and color.

 Solo Exhibitions

2016 “Fashion salutes Art” exhibition at the Woolff Gallery, London, UK

“Burst into Life” exhibition at the Popsy Room, Hong Kong(SAR), China

2015  “Mechanical Phantasy” exhibition at the A Style Gallery, Hong Kong(SAR), China

2014  “Secret Jungle” exhibition at the A Style Gallery, Hong Kong(SAR), China

Art Fairs

2017  Affordable Art Fair 2017 Singapore, Singapore,

Affordable Art Fair 2017 Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China,

2016  Affordable Art Fair 2016 Singapore, Singapore

Asia Contemporary Art Fair 2016, Hong Hong, China

2015   Affordable Art Fair 2015 Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China,

Group Exhibitions

2017 “PHOTO X 2017 Finalists” exhibition at the Greenrooms Hotel, London, UK

“3” exhibition at the Lemon Frame Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Timeless” exhibition at the Lemon Frame Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 “Art in the City” exhibition at the Chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China

“Opening” exhibition at the Lemon Frame Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Between Reality and Imagination” exhibition by Lemon Frame Art Gallery at the Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015 “Art light up Fashion”  exhibition at the Gallery Different, London, UK

2014 “Source – August Texture and Collage” display at the Tate Britain, London, UK,

“Continental Shift” exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

“ArtGemini Prize 2013” exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London, UK


“Open 2013” exhibition at the Bohunk Institute Galley, Nottingham, UK

“Showcase City”exhibition at Rich Mix London, London, UK


“70 Artists 7 Days” exhibition at Mile End Art Pavilion, London, UK

“Summer Show” exhibition at Central Saint Martins, London, UK


Shen-yang Art Fair, Shen-Yang, China

“Very Un-kettle’s Yard” exhibition at the Kettle’s Yard Gallery (House), Cambridge, UK

“Dragons in the Lion’s Den” exhibition at the Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London, UK

Group Shows
2017 The Art of Manliness. The Directed Art Modern, Miami, USA.
2016 Blank Canvas Gallery, Miami,USA.
2016 Manual de Buenos Modales, La Fiambrera Art Gallery, Madrid,
2016 Fractal 15, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico.
Latin American Visual, MOCA. Miami, USA.
Paste Modernism, Ambush Gallery, Sidney, Australia.
Cut Therapy, Masarte Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.
Expect rum, Modus Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
Emergencias, Derivas. Masarte Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
ZX FLUX Adidas. Bogota Colombia.
Naughty and Nice, GEA Gallery, Bogota Colombia.
2013  Gallery Mas Arte, Bogota, Colombia.
2012  Gallery piso 11, Medellin, Colombia.
2011  Spain Embassy, Bogota,Colombia.
Collective show Luis Perez Gallery, Miami Art Basel USA.
Collective show Spiritdelart Gallery, Miami, USA.
Collective show at Luis Perez Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
Collective show at Arte Corporative Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
Collective show Foto Museo, Bogota, Colombia.
Collective show at La Pared Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
Permanent collective show at GEA Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
2009  Fabrica de Bananas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The American Society, Bogota, Colombia.
National Figurative Salon, Medellin, Colombia.
XI Specialized Art salon, Medellín, Colombia.
La primera Vez, Latina Galeria, Bogota Colombia.
3 Salón Arte Joven, El Nogal Club, Bogota, Colombia.
“Ínter grafías” LA Galería, Bogota, Colombia.
FCU Bogota Colombia.
Instinto Bogota, Museum of Modern Art, Bogota, Colombia.
Fotomaraton, Bogota,Colombia.
Baobab Gallery , Bogota, Colombia.
The Commons,Gallery New York University, NY,USA.
Sarah Bowen Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
El Monitor Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
Casa Cuadrada Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
Salón Usaquen, Bogota, Colombia.
The Commons, Gallery New York University, NY, USA.
La Pieta, Gallery Florence, Italy.
2003 Studio Marangoni
Florence, Italy.
2003 V Barrio Bienal, Bogota, Colombia.
2003 Florida International University, Miami, USA.
2002 New York University, NY, USA.
2002 COOP. Revolver Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2001 Schaffer Gallery
, Brooklyn, USA.
2001 Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, USA
Art Fairs:
Just Mad 7 Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.
Just Mad6 Art Fair. Madrid, Spain.
Barcu Art Fair, Bogota Colombia.
Chacon Gallery, Art Basel Miami, USA.
FIART Art Fair Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Hot Art Fair. Basel, Switzerland.
Auction, Andrea y Vanessa Cancer Foundation, Barranquilla, Colombia.
Colombia Donation Auction, Bogota, Colombia.
Auction Pacific Rubiales Colombian
Golf Classic, Barranquilla, Colombia.
Auction United States Embassy, The American Society, Bogota, Colombia.
Christies Auction Foundation Corazon Verde, Bogota, Colombia.
Christies Auction Foundation Corazon Verde, Bogota, Colombia.
Walking in the Light Mural, Miami, FL, USA.
Showtime Mural, Miami FL, USA.
Quetzoacal Mural, Mexico City, Mexico.
Pink Mural, Mexico City, Mexico.
Roar Mural, Bogota, Colombia.
Frida Mural Bogota Colombia.
Stay Hungry Mural,
Just Mad Art Fair, Madrid,Spain.
Classic and Fab Mural, Room Mate Oscar, Madrid, Spain.
Cariñito Mural, Bogota, Colombia.
El Techo Mural, Bogota, Colombia.
Adidas Mural, Bogota, Colombia.


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