About Giulia Ronchetti

My works are characterized by detailed fgures which are painted by using liquid-ink pen-nibs, wide-pointed felt-tip pens, watercolors, gold leaf, varnish and more. Being inspired by the “ancient art craft” of the pen-nibs as well as, by the embroidery art, my art immediately remind more natural, slower vital rhythms, in contrast with today’s frenetic lifestyle. Indeed the main subject is nature, in all its forms. Animals and vegetation show their essence through evolution, mutation, isolation and aggregation, forming a kind of collective consciousness and creating, in this way, an imaginary world where everything is connected. As a whole, my works look at the past – such as old herbaria of the late 19th century, decorative drawings typical of ancient Egypt, liberty style and traditional painting techniques – but, in the same time, they are also influenced by contemporary graphic imaginary. The old fairy tales, the myths and the archetypes are carriers of a cyclical time infinite, teaching us what it was and what can still repeat in the contemporary world. Everything is symbolic and quietly hiding behind a decorative aspect, telling its own story.


2018 “Liquid Universe” at Satura Art Gallery, curated by Private Life-Home Gallery, Genoa

2017 “The unicorn civilization”, outside the IX Biennale of Soncino, to Marco, Soncino

2017 “Di (sign)” at Gare82, Brescia

2015 “Between sulfur and mercury” at Villa Fabrizia, Bertonico

2014 “Like trees in the sea”, at Cremonabooks, Cremona

2013 “Multiple single” at the Teatro San Domenico, Crema


2018 “Fragile Dimension” at Vallicelliana library, Rome

2017 “Art Adoption New Generation”, Cortona

2017 “Arte Prize 2017 Cairo Editore” at Palazzo Reale, Milan

2017 “Salon des refuses” at Gare82, Brescia

2017 “IX Biennale of Soncino, a Marco”, Soncino (Cr)

2017 “Sound Waves”, curated by Francesca Baldrighi, outside the IX Soncino Biennale , to Marco, Soncino

2017 “Into the woods”, curated by ArtService, outside the IX Soncino Biennale , to Marco, Casalbuttano

2017 “Art fair Cremona”, curated by ArtService, Cremona

2017 “Filanda pregiata”, curated by ArtService, Soresina

2017 Group exhibition at “Libero Teatro” Theater Via Savona – fuorisalone by Private Life-Home Gallery,


2017 Exposition at the Palace of the Lombardy County Group, Organized by KidPass, Milan

2017 Group exhibition at the National Cinema Museum of Turin, organized by KidPass, Turin

2016 “Art fair Cremona”, Cremona

2016 “VisionAryt” at Villa Alba, curated by Private Life- Home Gallery, Gardone Riviera

2015 “Affordable Art Fair”, Milan

2015 “Biennial Romart”, Rome

2015 Group exhibition at the Santa Maria Hall of Porta Ripalta Crema curated by Q3

2015 “Ad ora occidentale” at Nodo dei desideri, Crema

2015 “VIII Soncino Biennale to Marco”, Soncino

2014 “Private Life” at Palazzo Cavalcabò Cremona, curated by Private Life – Home Gallery

2013 Group exhibition at the former convent cloister Sant ‘Agostino, Crema

2013 Group exhibition at the Latin American Association, Cremona

2013 Group exhibition at Plaumann Art Gallery, Milan


2018 Wild parrot – single cask rum

2017 Inkiostrobianco – Italy wallpaper

2017 Kidpass – Group exhibition Art at Palace of the Lombardy County Group, Milan. National Cinema

Museum of Turin, Turin

2016 Hermès Italia – Italy showcase summer artist – June July August


2017 Finalist show, Art Prize 2017 Cairo Publisher at Palazzo Reale, Milan

2016 The journal of art and design Creative Quarterly – work winning publications, New York City – USA



2016 - 2017

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