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About Daisy Dixon

I am anxious.  I fear the actual moment of exchange between me, (the artist) and the public; the actual moment that an individual engages with the art objects that I have made and the completed installation

I am a female sculptor and the work that I create investigates female identity in art history and contemporary western culture: With no qualification it questions the male dominated minimalist diction of industrial materials.

My sculptures are works in progress and emerge from my engagement with the materials. Using my hands to model or cast materials directly, my artworks evidence their handmade origin and relation to the human body, thereby conveying the interconnection between my own female gure and abstract eshy forms.



Degree Show, bath school of art & design, Bath Spa University, Bath England

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy Jun- Aug, London, England

Salt, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, England



Works on Plexiglass

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