About Ignacio Gana

Born in Santiago of Chile in 1976, after studying architecture and work at the prestigious architects’ office Alamparte Barreda decides to dedicate 100% to painting thanks to contracts with galleries in Chicago and Miami, and at 28 years exposes his oils on canvas in NY galleries and different fairs around the world such as SOFA Art Fair (New York); Shanghai Art Fair (China); MIA, the international art fair in Miami (Miami), Lineart (Belgium) and in 2008, 2009 was selected to represent Chile at the Latin American art fair in Chicago. His work is framed in a figurative style, from themes loaded with sensuality, harmony elegance and always with a touch of humor and irony have been worth a fast and solid career in the world of plastic. His works are materialized in spectacular bronze sculptures with some details worked in gold, all in a medium format and where the observer becomes a protagonist of his works being able to resort to playing and being part of his stories. The year 2009 decided to explore the world of sculpture in which his career reaches high consecrating with one of the greatest exponents of contemporary Latin American sculpture, exposing his sculptures in various international exhibitions, transforming his works into indispensable pieces in important collections and samples.

The year 2011 and 2012 is selected for the realization of an artist in residence in “Expressions Cultural Center”, New York. Enchanted with the great stairs of the North American cities, the artist decides to settle in Miami, United States with the purpose of making his works reach high, not only in its dimensions, but also in its high artistic value, a short time is named as one of the 18 most influential artists within the artistic sculpture in Miami, along with being chosen as the official artist of the Latin Grammy Awards of the year 2017.

Nowadays his career is focused in part of collections, museums and to enter in the public spaces, squares and parks, as well as to place his works in function of the architecture. His desire: to incorporate new features that encourage interaction with the public, because for Ignacio, each of these sculptures is an invitation to a child, to become a child, to play, to enjoy his art works.

2017 Light UP “Artium Gallery , Miami, USA
“Balance “ Santiago ,Chile
2015 “The Big Splash ” The Americas Collection Gallery , Miami. USA
“Sculptures, New Works” La Sala Gallery , Miami. USA
” Balance ” Santiago , Chile
2012 “Inmersión / Extracción ” Expressiones Cultural Center “ Connecticut. USA “
“ Al agua Pato !!” Galería La Sala, Santiago . Chile
2011 “Intervened Works” Expressiones Cultural Center “ New York. USA
2010 “Esculturas , Oleos y Dibujos “ Galería Cecilia Palma , Santiago , Chile
2007 “New Works” Aldo Castillo Gallery , Chicago , USA
“Color´s” Galería La Sala, Santiago , Chile.
2005 “Deseo” Galería La Sala , Santiago , Chile.
2004 Exposición FAO, Oficina regional para América Latina y el Caribe.
“ Ignacio Gana , Oils “. Marbella


Selected Collective Expositions



Winwood Art Fair , Miami, USA
Palm Beach Art Fair , Miami, USA
Pinta Art Fair , Miami, USA
Light UP , Miami , USA
MIA “The Miami International Art Fair“ Miami , USA
Harbour Towers , New London CT , USA
2010 Feria, Feria de Arte Chileno Contemporáneo, Chile
“50 Escultores Chileno “ Galería Cecilia Palma, Chile
Exposición Bicentenario Colección permanente Museo Ralli, Chile
2009 “ARTEahora” Latin American Art Fair, Chicago, USA.
“The Magical Narrative in Latin American Art”, The Americas Collection ,Miami, Estados Unidos.
2008 “ARTEahora” First Latin American Art Fair, Chicago, USA.
The Americas Collection & Rotsen Design. Miami , USA.
MOLAA Subasta 2008 “Contemporary Latin American Art ” Los Angeles, USA
2007 Shanghai Art Fair, China. ( Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, USA. )
SOFA, Art Fair Chicago ( Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, USA. )
Robert Morris Institute of Art & Design, Chicago , USA
Bienal de grabado, Casa de las Américas, La Habana ,Cuba.
2006 MOLAA auction “Contemporary Latin American Art ” Los Angeles, USA.
Galería The Americas Collection ,Miami, Estados Unidos.
Galería Praxis International Art.
Surreal! The Fantastic in Chile Today, Embajada de Chile en Washington, DC, USA.
The Latin American Art Exhibition “ Masters of the Imagination” New York, USA
2005 “Lineart “ Feria Internacional de Arte Gantes, Bélgica.





Selected like one of the most influential artist in Miami 2017, by Art curator Aldeide Delgado.

Artist in residence Program. Expressiones Cultural Center, New York. USA
First Prize Sculpture for the “Contraloria General de la Republica “ Building. Santiago . Chile

2010 Artist in residence Program. Expressiones Cultural Center, New London, Connecticut. USA
Primer Premio Concurso de pintura y Escultura Club de Planeadores de Vitacura.
2006 Tercer Premio Concurso internacional de Artes Plásticas 2006 “Valentín Ruiz Aznar”, de Granada, España.2005 Segundo Premio en el
Primer Concurso Nacional “La Fruta Chilena en la pintura“, organizado por la Asociación de Exportadores de Chile.
2004 Primer Premio Concurso Asociación Chilena de Seguridad ( Mural para Chiloé )
2002 Segundo Premio Concurso Jack Daniel’s Chile, Galería La Sala.
1998 Premio Primer Concurso Nacional de Arte, Chile-Japon.



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