Design art concepts and The Directed Art Modern are partnering up for The Miami Boat Show February 17-20, 2017 at Hyatt Regency, downtown Miami, in what many see as the epitome of Miami luxury. We are inviting artists to submit work to this art call for a permanent installation focusing on the theme of a bird cage.

d | a | c and DAM  are asking artists to explore the theme of bird cages, which can either be hand-made or hand embellished – the selected cages will be exhibited together as a large installation at The Hyatt.

When creating your work, please consider the many interpretations of a cage, which has historically been seen to hold the soul, has been the symbol of restraint not just for the object captured inside, but also the limitations imposed on women, on sexuality and on dreams, in general. Consider Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.”

To submit work – please complete the application and submit high resolution images of the work from different angles – all images must be submitted by January 31, to facilitate selection and delivery of work by February 8, 2017.

Winners will receive:

– Participation in a permanent exhibition at the prestigious Hyatt Regency

– professional art installation

– tagging of all artwork

– promotion to our extensive clientele of previous buyers, interior

   designers, hotels, and private entities

Call for Artists Terms & Guidelines:

Eligibility: The competition is open to artists anywhere in the world, 18 years of age or older. Cages could be found or made. The sculptures will be used in a curated out door exhibition. All works require the use of a birdcage. All media is eligible that is impervious to environmental elements. All works submitted must be original in design and concept. Artwork must not be copied, in part or wholly, from any published or copyrighted work. Artists who have previously exhibited with DAC and DAM must submit new works to be eligible.

Please do not submit images, which would be inappropriate for general audiences.

Selected Artists: Selected Artists will have their art displayed in a permanent in-club exhibition. Artists who are selected as finalists benefit from world-wide exposure and have the opportunity to sell works selected to thousands of members and guest who visit the Hyatt Regency daily.

Submission Guidelines: Artists must first pay a non-refundable entry fee of $5.00 (credit/debit card or PayPal) then complete the entry form to submit their 4 images.

Size Limitations: Please submit works that fit within a cage or fit around the cage.

Shipping: Artists will be responsible for the expense to ship art to The Directed Art Modern’s holding location before installation. Artwork must arrive ready to hang.

Image size, Format and Resolution: Images must be in a jpg format only. Save your images with as little compression as possible (i.e. choose the best quality when saving your images). Do not submit slide shows, Flash files, PowerPoint, etc. The resolution should not be greater than 150 dpi.

File size limitation: The file size for each image is limited to 2MB

Acceptance/Notification: Artists will be notified by January 31, 2016 if they have been selected as a finalist for “Capricious Distractions”at Hyatt Regency. All selected artists will be announced on our website in January 2017.

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