Looking to the past, art history and literature students learn how great masters: Picasso, Dali, Breton, Gertrude Stein and Hemmingway, among others, all came together and spoke about their work, what their work meant and what they hoped to do with their art. They drew crowds not only to the salon – but also to the places where they gathered: Café de la Rotonde, and going further back – Le Procope, the place to be. They shared – they edited and made a creative world that so many aspired to enter.  Today, though, we find an almost complete separation of “church and state” where artists are locked in their studios, authors in their offices with the occasional social media blast – but there could be more. The creative person could become what the Romantics called the poet prophet – awakening the masses from their stupor of the nine to five, educating this same mass that art, creativity in general is not just to be collected, but also thought about, something that teaches.


One can say, that what is needed is another renaissance – a rebirth from what the world has become, and one of the many first steps is to begin the conversation, here – at Café de la Dam: we invite you to submit papers and or articles for consideration to be published here, selected proceedings will be published in The Café de la Dam Journal. So, we invite you to comment, to think, to be intellectually creative.


To submit please follow current MLA Guidelines and include a Works Cited page, all papers and or articles need to be double spaced and edited before submitting, and send to: cafe@thedirectedartmodern.com



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